About Us

Why consider selecting Fire Design and Commissioning as your fire protection consultants?

Our core values include leadership and community, and not only is Fire Design and Commissioning a member of several fire and community based organisations, our staff hold leadership positions within some of these organisations. This allows us to keep abreast of trends so that we can best advise our clients.

The work method preferred by us is to first understand exactly what is required for a project. It is not a simple process to develop drawings and specifications for works that enables tenderers to competitively provide pricing. The less descriptive and precise the documentation the higher the cost as contractors include costs for ΓÇ£unknownsΓÇ¥ to cover their risk.

To achieve a more complete description of the required works Fire Design and Commissioning inspects, tests, asks, confirms and advises throughout the design process. Working with other services engineers our specifications are fully developed so that the integration of services is well described and unknowns are minimised or eliminated.

Because personnel have years of experience as contractors our understanding of the detail required for design is highly developed. We have had long term interaction with contractorΓÇÖs senior personnel enabling us to bring strong working relationships to a project.

We maintain an interest in identifying the products most suited for different applications and environments. This is done by keeping a close relationship with manufacturers and suppliers. Supply organisations are encouraged to call and keep us up to date with products and to demonstrate these to us. In addition, we regularly attend trade shows, seminars presented by professional organisations and Standards Australia and invite electronic communications from these organisations enabling us to maintain currency of information that ensures designs represent the latest product advances and Standards compliance.

We have worked with Australian, NFPA and ISO Standards and are members of the following organisations

  • Fire Protection Association Australia
  • Society of Fire Safety
  • Institution of Fire Engineers
  • International Association of Fire Safety Science

In summary; experience, attention to detail, currency of knowledge, cooperative attitudes and relationships spanning years are underlying values Fire Design brings to all projects.