Design and Documentation

Fire Design and Commissioning has worked extensively with Australian Standards and NFPA Codes. We have the capability to design and document the following fixed fire protection systems:

Fire Detection
All types of detection and notification systems.

Hydrant Systems
Designed for mining and commercial applications to meet local and national requirements with pump selection, full hydraulic calculation using Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weinsbach calculation methods.

Occupant Warning
Alarm Systems with sounders, amplified speakers, intercommunications, and interfaced public address and background music.

Gaseous Fire Suppression
Using all clean agent gases, carbon dioxide and combined agent systems.

Water Mist
Total flooding systems for generator protection, computer and server rooms and any application capable of protection using this unique media.

Fire Sprinklers
The oldest and still one of the most versatile fire suppression systems used. Fire Design and Commissioning maintains up-to-date design tools.