Mindarie Resource Recovery Centre

Mindarie Western Australia ΓÇô Alternative solution, fire hydrants, hose reel and fire detection design, documentation and commissioning.

This facility is the first of its kind in Australia and presents the harshest and most challenging environment Fire Design and Commissioning has ever encountered treating up to 100,000 tonnes of household waste annually and, from recovered material, producing up to 40,000 tonnes pa of market-quality compost.

The original design for air sampling detectors was found to be impractical due to the acidity of the atmosphere, condensing humidity and water spray, and air flows in ducts that were variable and changed rapidly. Dust from the decomposing waste covers detectors and blocks sampling points, and in addition, materials handling equipment spreads the fire loads.

Conventional ceiling mounted detection was impractical due to the lack of access for maintenance as well as the environment and flame detection was eliminated due to condensation, the number of devices required and signal blocking due to fogging in winter.

Perimeter, high level linear and sealed point type heat detection was chosen to provide occupant protection with an audio/visual warning system.

Mindarie Resource Recovery Centre