New Projects and the Building Regulations 2012

22 Apr 2012

As most builders, developers and those working in the construction industry will know, the Western Australian Building Act and Regulations became law on the 2nd April 2012. The changes are important and need to be understood by all who are responsible for decision making in obtaining approvals for new construction. Some of the changes are noted below.

Building Licenses: Now a called Building Permit.

All Class 1b and Class 2 to 9 buildings come under the requirements of a Certified building. Class 1a and Class 10 come under the requirements of an Uncertified building. There are process differences between Certified and Uncertified. This item relates only to Certified buildings.

A Certificate of Compliance is required to obtain a building permit. This can be issued by a local government agency (LGA) or a building surveyor licensed to do so. Only LGAΓÇÖs licensed to do so will issue Certificates of Compliance (CoC).

All necessary drawings and services information is required by the building surveyor prior to them issuing the CoC. This means that if an alternative solution is included for the building this will need to be completed for the building permit.

Because a review of the building and services will still need to be assessed by FESA it is strongly recommended that submissions be made in time to meet project programmes. The documentation to FESA must be delivered to them not less than 15 days prior to the CoC being issued. This may not be sufficient time for FESA to respond so planning to have documents submitted much earlier is suggested.

FESA work towards a maximum of 20 working days to complete reviews however; given the rate of submissions at present 30 working days may be more realistic. The engineering community is also struggling with the current number of alternative solutions and design projects.

If you are in the planning stages of a project, selection of a building surveyor certifier and fire engineer, if required, should be one of the items on your list immediately after the architect is on board.

We will provide additional information about the new Act and Legislation soon.