Telstra PITC

Protection from wild fire ΓÇô design solutions and specifications

Perth International Telecommunications Station (PITC) provides satellite communications for Australian, European and Japanese interests. It plays a critical part in both public and private telecommunications.

Following wildfires in previous summers that required a large contingent of permanent and volunteer fire fighters as well as aerial support it was determined that a risk assessment should be carried out.

The site had existing policies such as fuel control however; the risk was identified as being sufficiently high to warrant additional measures. These included:

ΓÇó Protection of incoming power supplies at the switch room

ΓÇó Fire separation of standby generators to prevent loss of all generators to a single event

ΓÇó Protection of openings in buildings against ember attack

ΓÇó Upgrade of existing and new water supplies to the site

ΓÇó Controls to prevent the ingress of smoke into the Telecommunications servers and control equipment

ΓÇó Additional control of bushland fuel and most significantly,

ΓÇó A ring of water cannon with remotely operable controls to enable protection of the perimeter with high volumes of water


Telstra PITC